Olympic Games

Before The Olympics Sochi Got 78 AvtoUragan ANPR And Video Recording Complexes

AvtoUragan ANPR and traffic video recording systems will watch the safety and respect to rules on the roads of Sochi.  Sochi is the largest resort city in Russia, it stretches along the Black Sea coast for 105 kilometers. It is obvious, that such a distance in a modern city cannot be controlled without a reliable, all-weather means of photo- and video-monitoring. On the eve of the Olympics, seventy-eight AvtoUragan ANPR and traffic video-recording complexes was installed to gain control and safety on the roads within the framework of Intelligent Transport System (ITS). AvtoUragan ANPR system for ITS Sochi More than half of installed AvtoUragan complexes are configured to measure and record the speed of vehicles using the video sequence. Other 28 systems identify the vehicles by their license plates at the entrances to the city. At the same time, the license plates recognition rate of AvtoUragan systems in daylight conditions is 97%, and radio scanners cannot detect the installation place and operation of the complex! 5 other systems record the red light violations at the key intersections of the city. Later, during the Games, these AvtoUragan complexes will record the vehicles, which violate the rule of prohibited use of special lanes for Olympic traffic. 78 AvtoUragan ANPR system for Sochi AvtoUragan complexes were selected for Sochi ITS because of the fact that this stationary system is the most reliable and feature-rich. It identifies the license plates in conditions of poor visibility, measures the speed using the video sequence, and […]