ACRE Completes Acquisition of Security Identification Systems Corporation

ACRE has completed its acquisition of Security Identification Systems Corporation (SISCO.) The combination of ACRE’s comprehensive security technology portfolio with SISCO’s solutions for credentialing and visitor management fortifies the ability to deliver a wide range of complementary technology options to ACRE’s customer base. Founded in 1994 in South Florida, SISCO has been dedicated to developing best-in-class visitor management solutions for credentialing, compliance, and tracking.

SISCO CORP Keeping Personnel Safe During the Pandemic

SISCO CORP has turned its technological prowess toward protecting personnel greeting visitors at schools, hospitals, and businesses nationwide from COVID-19. SISCO’s technology reduces investigative time by providing the hospital, school, or business and the CDC with an investigative tool to mitigate the risk of the disease spreading further, said Tom Madden, whose public relations firm TransMedia Group is spreading the word why SISCO is the leader in identity management solutions.