Transportation Security: The Value Of Panoramic Surveillance Technology

By Jon Marsh

Though the term ‘transportation’ may immediately elicit different thoughts for different people, everyone can likely agree that it plays a significant role in both our everyday lives and the big picture of the economy’s overall wellbeing. Whether the word makes you first think of a car, bus, train, airplane, or boat, all of these vehicles are critical for daily commutes, leisurely traveling and the shipment of goods across countries – and everything else in between.

It is therefore paramount that these methods of transportation are protected from various types of threats at all times. Unfortunately, due to the high volume of people frequenting transit stations and the value of items on ships and ferries, the transportation sector is one that is frequently targeted, which can create challenges for establishing comprehensive security. And security personnel must also take into consideration risks outside of the physical security realm, with transportation now the third most vulnerable sector exposed to cyber attacks.

The good news is that the transportation market is heavily regulated to combat risks and facilitate safe environments. One of the key components of meeting these guidelines is the implementation of video surveillance, and while any kind of surveillance camera can be advantageous (and better than none at all), many security operators are turning to panoramic surveillance technology for added value.

Through the use of 180- and 360-degree cameras, transportation security personnel gain the ability to view a complete picture of the scene with no blind spots, which can then lead to numerous benefits.

Increased Situational Awareness
Transportation hubs and vehicles are often bustling with quickly moving parts and constant activity, which can make extensive coverage difficult. But with panoramic surveillance, operators can monitor all activity across an entire scene, ensuring no corner or person is missed. This then helps establish a proactive approach to security by creating the ability to identify vulnerabilities and potential threats. In the event that a threat does progress into a security incident or emergency, an immediate response is crucial, and panoramic surveillance technology can provide in-depth intelligence and insight that enables security officials to obtain pertinent details and track suspicious individuals.

Equipment Efficiency
Placing surveillance cameras on a bus or cruise ship can be tricky given the oftentimes complicated layout and vantage points. Compact and discreet 180- and 360-degree cameras are ideal for this environment, where optimal mounting options are required and devices must often fit into narrow spaces while still capturing thorough and high-quality imagery. Additionally, one panoramic surveillance camera can replace multiple traditional PTZ cameras, saving the security team on costs, installation hassles and maintenance.

Enhanced Business Operations
Innovative surveillance technology can deliver advantages outside of security as well. Artificial intelligence (AI) and high-level analytics can provide features such as traffic flow analysis, people counting and heat mapping, which can help management determine areas that become overcrowded or bottlenecked. This data can also be used to improve customer service and engagement when it comes to shops in airports, bus station advertising or cruise activities.

Transportation hubs around the world are looking to leverage these benefits as the cities that they’re in count on them to create safe environments and facilitate movement throughout the area. The State Railway of Thailand (SRT) is a perfect example of a location that adopted this mindset, installing 360-degree cameras in each of its stations in areas that required wider view recording. SRT was able to increase its situational awareness in regard to threats and incidents, providing officials the views they need to decrease risks, identify potential problem areas and aid police in criminal investigations.

If you think again about “transportation” in the context described above, it’s quite clear that this industry involves more than just your train ride to work or flight to a vacation destination. The threats that these entities face on a daily basis have the potential to cause extreme damage, but this can be avoided with the proper technology. Panoramic surveillance cameras can help security operators better prepare for incidents in an efficient manner, leading to a safer transportation process for all.

About The Author
Jon Marsh serves as Vice President Product for ONVU Technologies with responsibility for all group products. The product team as a consolidated group create and drive the product roadmap and develop the existing portfolio for all of the ONVU Technologies subsidiaries including Oncam and ONVU Learning.

Jon has more than 17 years of technology development knowledge and experience, having started out in engineering. He began creating products and businesses including online video and media management, SAS and mobile software development, hardware and software product consulting, and most recently advanced camera and video analytics technology.


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