Triumphant at IFSEC/FIREX, Xtralis Adds Three More Prestigious Awards at ESX


Xtralis, the world’s leading provider of very early and reliable detection and remote visual verification safety and security solutions, continued its winning ways, securing three more awards at the recent 2014 Electronic Security Expo (ESX14), held 23-26 June 2014 in Nashville, Tennessee USA.

At ESX, the Xtralis solutions that were honored with ESX Maximum Impact Awards were:

• VESDA VLQ winner in Alarm Equipment: Fire Detection Systems

• VESDA-E Aspirating Smoke Detectors winner in Alarm Equipment: Fire/Smoke/Gas

• ADPRO PRO-E PIR Detectors winner in Alarm Equipment: Intrusion Sensors/Detectors

The honors come just a week after Xtralis won three awards at the IFSEC/FIREX shows held in London, UK.

What’s the secret to such success? Here are Xtralis’ top ten reasons:

1. True Safety & Security — Xtralis solutions save lives and protect assets and business continuity against fire, smoke, gas, and perimeter threats. Our products protect and secure correctional facilities from Rikers Island (NY) to Her Majesty’s Prisons (UK); most major Airports; a majority of new Metro Stations and Trains/Rail; virtually all Data Centers and Telecom sites; leading Hospitals; a broad spectrum of Manufacturing industries; and, many other segments.

Xtralis solutions not only protect lives but also trillions of dollars’ worth of assets every second of every day in over a 100 countries. Our solutions are cornerstones in Safety and Security, and project tenders typically specify Xtralis solutions by name due to reliability and performance that is unparalleled in these industries.

2. Early & Reliable Detection — Solutions that provide the very earliest notification of a threat, with ample time for local response.

3. Remote Visual Verification — A unique ability to remotely, over any network with any protocol, to reliably verify threats visually.

4. Elimination of False Alarms — Solutions that not only early and reliably detect, but also visually verify threats, to virtually eliminate annoying and costly false alarms.

5. Continued Innovation — Award-winning, efficient solutions to the Safety and Security industries’ toughest challenges by providing future-proof technology that provides real-time intelligence.

6. Unparalleled Reliability — Solutions that perform exactly as they should with no degradation in performance over the entire lifetime of the product.

7. Revenue Generation Opportunities — Xtralis Safety and Security solutions offer distributors and integrators new revenue opportunities through expandability, flexibility, and multiple service offerings, when and where customers need it.

8. Unique Tools for First Responders — Custom-tailored solutions to arm first responders with real-time situational awareness to more efficiently and safely respond to threats.

9. True Safety & Security Convergence — Xtralis is the only company that offers converged Safety & Security solutions for a single, total threat prevention strategy to all physical threats: smoke, fire, gas, access, and perimeter.

10. Customer Support — World-class training, support, and order processing that puts the customer first, with their safety and security in mind.

Congratulations to Xtralis for their winning efforts.