Vector Flow Debuts Contingent Worker PIAM Portal for Vetting, Credentialing and Physical Access Provisioning

New Solution Streamlines Physical Security Processes for Faster, More Efficient Operations

Vector Flow is unveiling its new Contingent Worker PIAM Portal solution here at ISC West 2023, March 29-31 in Las Vegas.

Vector Flow’s new Contingent Worker PIAM Portal makes it convenient for organizations to manage their external contingent workers, partners, vendors, tenants, etc. to screen them and provide them with a badge with controlled physical access to restricted areas.

The Contingent Worker Portal allows for bulk requests from contractor companies, and for their administrators to manage their own workers. The Portal can also manage individual workers access status as well.

This new solution collects necessary documents, as well as pictures via the company’s new iPic intelligent picture capturing tool, and manages the lifecycle of an individual’s identity from on-boarding to off-boarding, streamlining security processes and promoting more efficient operations.

“Today’s organizations often require contingent workers to undergo a number of complicated security checks and procedures, all while maintaining immense security,” said Ajay Jain, Founder and CEO of Vector Flow.

“Our new Contingent Worker PIAM Portal streamlines these processes by introducing an automated, preregistration solution that benefits both workers and administrators.”

Vector Flow’s Contingent Worker PIAM Portal keeps all your contractors / contingent workers and related contracts in a single secure repository and allows organizations to manage their credentialing and physical access lifecycle. This helps reduce errors related to inadvertent physical access given to contractors, and the eventual chaos and potential security breaches that results from these errors. The Return on Investment is observed to be measured in months in such cases. Vector Flow’s Contingent Worker PIAM Portal provides a variety of unique use cases, including a few mentioned below:

Contractor Onboarding

During the onboarding process, new hires can be sent unique links to the Vector Flow’s Contingent Worker PIAM Portal. Through the Portal, new hires can conveniently submit essential information, upload necessary documents, add photos, sign NDA agreements, and complete training programs. This reduces the lag time between the hire date and the start date, minimizes reliance on manual data collection processes for HR and security teams, and ensures that required information is accurately captured.

Vendor Onboarding

Vendors come through your facility and need controlled access. However, properly vetting vendors and individual workers, and managing their access credentials over their lifecycle can be a challenge Vector Flow’s Contingent Worker PIAM Portal helps manage this lifecycle, especially in large organizations in the Healthcare, Utilities, Public Transportation, Airports and Aviation sectors, etc. where the influx of vendors and contingent workers are on the high side. The Portal also allows vendor organizations to input their own rules to manage their workers.

Contingent Workers Physical Access Auditing

The Contingent Worker PIAM Portal can be extended with Vector Flow’s Access Audit Application to manage periodic audits of the workers, and to provide structured reports associated to the area owners and auditors.


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