Vicon Releases New ViconNet 7 Video Management Software


Vicon Industries Inc. (VII:NYSE-MKT) (“Vicon”), a leading security solutions provider and producer, significantly improves the ease of video management with the release of their newest software ViconNet 7. Vicon’s newest VMS solution streamlines recording configuration to replace the need for creating recording macros and schedules on NVRs and DVRs.

In addition, several new updates, such as an internal memory tracking mechanism, an enhanced central failure messaging, and new masking feature, improve the operability of video management.

To further integrate Vicon’s recent merger with IQinVision, all IQinVision cameras will now be supported by the ViconNet system.

This new version 7 is also available on VMDC and Web Servers and can be downloaded from Vicon’s website or requested on CD/DVD from a Vicon Sales Representative.

With enhanced performance and new features, ViconNet 7 is more user friendly and offers the tools necessary to manage and maintain video security for all users.

This new version builds upon ViconNet’s highly successful VMS solutions that are fully scalable and feature rich.

With the ability to customize along with compatibility over a wide range of ONVIF network video and computer hardware, ViconNet 7 is a powerful and extremely reliable video solution.

New Features and Updates Include:

• Recording Management:
The addition of a new setup screen significantly simplifies the way recording is configured on NVRs and DVRs. A simple pick-list is offered to select cameras, microphones, and a choice of three of recording schedules. This new feature replaces most recording macros as well as the auto-record setup screen on Kollector DVRs.

• Support IQinVision Cameras as Vicon:
The open standard screen was updated to identify connected IQinVision cameras as Vicon and no longer require adding a 3rd party license.

• Smart Memory Watch Dog:
A new smart process monitors for irregular Windows memory management and initiates an application restart to clear the memory and avoid the issue from escalating. This new alert protects the system from memory related freezing and recording gaps.

• New High Resolution Display in VMDC:
RX monitors provide clearer and sharper images utilizing new display algorithm. This new display also accommodates better performance with data rates. In addition, a VMS masking feature and quick search line improves operability and navigation.

• Improved Central Failure Notification:
The CFN messaging mechanism has been updated for enhanced usability by eliminating duplicate messaging, adding pop-up by default messages, and improved CFN email messaging.

• Masking Secure for Archives:
An updated archive player offers a VMS-based masking feature that is protected when archived and will not play if the masking file is missing or corrupted.

Bret McGowan, Sr. VP Sales & Marketing at Vicon Industries says: “This new software release reflects our dedication to providing security solutions that meet our customer’s unique requirements. The new features and updates make it easier to use and incorporates new IQinVision cameras.”