Viscount’s Liberty Cube Access Control


Viscount Systems (OTCQB:VSYS), a leading provider of IT-based security software and services, today announced the release of the new, higher performance version of its innovative Liberty CUBE web-based access control network appliance.

The Liberty CUBE is designed to provide web-based access control for small- to medium-sized installations with up to 32 readers.

Intuitive and easy to use, the CUBE simplifies access control with a cost-effective, all-in-one appliance. Liberty CUBE is a true IP solution – there are no proprietary control panels within the system.

Each card reader becomes an IP device on the network and is operated through a compact web appliance.

With the updated Liberty CUBE solution, there is no need to purchase expensive door control panels.

Complex control panel hardware configurations are replaced with compact, energy-efficient Liberty Bridge devices that communicate between door hardware and the Liberty CUBE using encrypted IP network protocols.

“The new Liberty CUBE combines the power of our enterprise software with a low cost network appliance” said Dennis Raefield, President and CEO, Viscount Systems. “The CUBE will be our platform for delivering robust access control solutions at a very competitive price point.”

The Liberty CUBE is available as a 16 or 32-door bundled appliance, and includes many features you would find in an enterprise class product such as emergency mustering, elevator control, video integration and robust I/O configuration.

The software leverages existing IT infrastructure and resources, making it more cost-effective and easier to deploy and support.

The Liberty software also features an intuitive user interface, making it easier for users to navigate with zero training.

Additional benefits and features of the Liberty CUBE solution include:

• Cyber Security – Liberty maintains the integrity and transparency of the credential authentication and authorization process, allowing IT professionals the peace of mind that card data is secure at the edge of the network.

• Easy to Install and Configure – Users simply connect all of the Liberty Bridges and servers to the IP network, log in to the software system utilities and click on “Scan Devices.”

• Retrofit Without Disruption – Disruption can be kept to a minimum, allowing customers to use existing cards, readers, wiring, power supplies and cabinets, and ensuring customers can utilize much of their capital investment.

• Instant Privilege Changes – A change in threat level will instantly cause a local or global change of access privileges.

• Output Mapping – Presenting one card to a card reader or activating an emergency push button can affect as many output relays as necessary. When needed, one card reader can lock, unlock or lock down an entire building or floor.

• Virtual Mustering – In the event of an evacuation, Liberty provides multiple muster reports simply by presenting a card to any reader in the safe zone.