Visually Verified Traffic Information

Visually verified data

A recently established technology partnership with Videalert adds to Wavestore’s open platform video management software. The firms say that the interoperability between Wavestore’s software and Videalert’s Intelligent Digital Traffic Management platform offers local authorities and police a tool to collaborate and share video surveillance, whilst achieving a faster return on investment.

Videalert offers intelligent traffic enforcement and management systems for road safety and traffic flows.

The product combines ANPR technology with video analytics and as with Wavestore’s open platform VMS, Videalert is able to support both analog and network based ONVIF compliant, high definition megapixel IP-cameras.

By simultaneously running video analytics and ANPR, Videalert is not dependent on reflective number-plates to capture data and therefore detects more vehicles involved in traffic offenses than standard ANPR it is claimed.

The visually verified real-time data can assist with the enforcement of moving traffic offenses such as bus lanes, banned turns, and box junction infringements, also providing a method of detecting incidents and relaying the information to a city’s traffic control centre, where operators can view, via the Wavestore VMS, live video images or review recorded images of an incident.

The firms add that local authorities and police can monitor major routes and generate accurate journey time information to tackle congestion across a city.

The captured data can be used for traffic modelling purposes in order to optimize the design of future transport schemes.