Alcatraz Moves into New Silicon Valley, Bulgaria Locations

Alcatraz Bulgaria

Alcatraz has moved both its Silicon Valley headquarters and its Sofia, Bulgaria, satellite office into new locations. The move helps accommodate the growing Alcatraz teams both in the United States and abroad as the security startup launches its newest product –the Alcatraz Rock with tailgating– this summer.

“As we move into mass production, the Alcatraz team is growing as well and so it was important for us to expand our office space both in Silicon Valley where we started and in our Sofia, Bulgaria location as well,” said Alcatraz Founder and CEO Vince Gaydarzhiev.

The new Redwood City, California, location on El Camino Real is in the heart of Silicon Valley just a few minutes from Highway 101 and about 25 miles south of San Francisco.

The 5,500 square foot facility can house more than 50 Alcatraz employees and is very research and development-friendly, an important feature since Alcatraz’s primary focus is on delivering frictionless access control via 3D sensing, artificial intelligence, and facial recognition.

The new Sofia, Bulgaria, location at ul. “Dimitar Mollov” 8, 1750 Sofia covers 6,500 square feet and can house more than 50 Alcatraz employees. The Sofia office serves as the European headquarters for Alcatraz.

“It’s an exciting time for Alcatraz and moving into bigger and better locations and the launch of our newest Alcatraz Rock are part of it,” said Gaydarzhiev.

“Our frictionless access control solution is garnering a lot of attention –particularly in times like the COVID-19 pandemic– because businesses are placing more emphasis on how to reduce touchpoints to eliminate the spread of germs in the workplace.

In more secure locations, already deployed biometrics like fingerprint scanners now need to be quickly swapped, creating a great opportunity for our technology”

Alcatraz is a frictionless and secure physical access control platform that detects tailgating and works with any access control system. It replaces or augments badging as a credential with 3D facial recognition and artificial intelligence to enable highly secure and frictionless entry into physical locations. The Rock uses passive sensing, machine learning for increased security, and continuous training, and accurate tailgating detection while intelligently enrolling employees as they are badging in, creating onboarding magic.

Alcatraz increases physical security while decreasing friction in an enterprise access control environment using 3D sensing, computer vision, and artificial intelligence by integrating into an already deployed badging infrastructure with one-factor secure facial authentication or augmenting it with dual-factor badge and face authentication.