Interface Security Systems Helps Retailers and Restaurants Enforce Social Distancing and Mask Policies

Social Distancing

Voice down services help reduce pressure on associates to enforce new health and safety mandates during the health crisis

Interface Security Systems announced it is now offering interactive remote video monitoring service with automated voice-down options to help it’s retail and restaurant customers promote social distancing and mask-wearing guidelines on their premises.

A growing number of retailers and restaurants are reporting increased incidents of agitated customers and in-store violence during this health crisis.

The physical distancing measures introduced in stores and restaurants, limits on the number of customers allowed inside, the mandatory wearing of masks, and restrictions on some products to reduce panic buying, have contributed to an increase in retail worker abuse.

With automated voice down messages, businesses can make public announcements to remind customers and employees about proper social distancing and mask-wearing guidelines. The messages are scheduled throughout the day and play through an organization’s existing audio system.

Each message can be customized to directly address the principal challenge of the moment. When store or restaurant associates witness patrons not following health and safety guidelines, they also have the option to simply press a button and have a trained security professional intervene via live video and two-way audio from one of Interface Security Systems’ Five Diamond rated Command & Control Centers.

“Many of our customers have asked us to help them audit and assist with social distancing and health policy enforcement in their stores to remove some of the pressure on their associates. Our interactive remote monitoring technology enables us to safely enforce these policies and proactively avoid disputes,” said Brent Duncan, Chief Revenue Officer at Interface Security Systems.

The Voice Down aspect of an interactive remote video monitoring solution is also a strong deterrent to both internal and external crime as employees and customers are clearly made aware of a security presence either during scheduled or random announcements.

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