Social Distancing

Tracking the Impact of Social Distancing and Shelter-in-Place Policies on Fraud Trends and Threats

Given the increasingly widespread implementation of social distancing and work-from-home policies, it is expected that behavior patterns across the globe will be changing radically as increasing numbers of people migrate their actions online in order to manage both their work and personal lives. These changing patterns are already being reflected in the data we analyze as we work to protect our clients from new and emerging fraud threats.

Renesas and Altran Team to Deploy First Social Distancing Wristwatch that uses Ultra-Wideband Chipset with Low Rate Pulse

Renesas Electronics Corporation and Altran announced that they have co-developed a wearable solution for social distancing based on Ultra-Wideband technology. Earlier this year, Renesas announced it had licensed UWB technology from 3db Access AG, a fabless semiconductor company specializing in secure UWB low power chips to augment Renesas microcontrollers. The platform’s form factor, a wristwatch, combines the Renesas Synergy™ S128 MCU featuring HMI capacitive touch with licensed secure ranging UWB technology.

Interface Security Systems Helps Retailers and Restaurants Enforce Social Distancing and Mask Policies

Interface Security Systems announced it is now offering interactive remote video monitoring service with automated voice-down options to help it’s retail and restaurant customers promote social distancing and mask-wearing guidelines on their premises. A growing number of retailers and restaurants are reporting increased incidents of agitated customers and in-store violence during this health crisis.

LiDAR to Help Regulate Social Distancing During Coronavirus

In an effort to help public venues safely re-open and address public concern over the spread of COVID-19, iinside, a leader in indoor motion analytics for airports and other public venues, today announced the release of SafeDistance, a free upgrade to its LiDAR-powered solution for monitoring and analyzing crowd density in public spaces. iQueue SafeDistance utilizes precise 3D LiDAR to help airport, venue and facility managers monitor and mitigate crowding and congestion.