LENSEC Announces Release of Perspective VMS Version 3

LENSEC is announcing a complete redesign of Perspective VMS™, an enterprise-level HTML5-based software delivering surveillance video and information to customers from IP cameras and physical security devices. Perspective VMS Version 3.0.0 is a major software release built exclusively on an HTML5 rich application. HTML5 is the current standard for creating web pages and browser-based applications. PVMS leverages the browser language to enable live video streaming, forensic archive management, and flexible administration from one robust and scalable application.

LENSEC’s Chief Product Officer Jeff Kellick says “With Version 3.0, Perspective VMS leverages HTML5 to present video content natively to modern web browsers including Google’s Chrome browser and Internet Explorer from Microsoft. Perspective VMS continues to allow full functionality of live video viewing, archived video playback, map-based integration, dynamic reporting, logical workflows, and comprehensive systems administration all from a simple web browser without relying on cumbersome thick clients or invasive plugins.”

PVMS v3.0 maintains a similar look, feel, and feature set as previous software versions built on the Microsoft Silverlight interface. Notable software features include the ability for quick navigation between modules, drag-and-drop capabilities, and dynamic interface selections including device interaction controls.

The move to an HTML5-based application is in line with LENSEC’s goal of keeping integrator partner and end-user needs in mind during development. PVMS v3.0 builds upon LENSEC’s approach towards open integration with leading camera manufacturers and security technologies. Advanced 4k camera resolutions and models are incorporated into configuration and system design. The noteworthy adoption of HTML5 as a highly functional user interface for live and archived video streaming, positions LENSEC as a technology leader in the physical security industry and the software market in general.

Founded in 1998, LENSEC is an industry pioneer of IP-based video surveillance solutions for many vertical markets including local governments, school and university campuses, health care facilities, commercial properties, critical infrastructure, and more. LENSEC’s Perspective VMS enables secure remote access and real-time collaboration with first responders during security events.

Source: LENSEC.com

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