New Report Identifies Key Video Surveillance Distributors

Market Research

The route to market for video surveillance equipment can be complex. Whilst products are rarely sold directly to the end-user, some systems integrators have direct relationships with vendors and the distribution channel consists of existing physical security distributors, IT distributors and broadline electrical distributors.

Understanding the Video Surveillance Value Chain

Furthermore, distributors do a lot more than just ‘distribute’ video surveillance equipment. In
many cases they provide training, technical support, finance, negotiate freight and import costs
and bear the commercial risk of unsold stock.

In these second edition reports, IHS outlines the proposed scope for reports on both the EMEA and Americas distribution markets for video surveillance equipment. The reports answer key questions such as:

• Which companies are the leading video surveillance equipment distributors?

• How does the competitive environment differ by country/region and by analog/network equipment?

• What is the distribution revenue opportunity by region?

• Where are the highest margins, and lowest freight costs and import duties?

• Which equipment vendors do leading distributors stock? Why?

Report Segmentation:

Frequency, Time Period:
• 5-year annual forecast (2013 – 2018)

• Revenue estimates and forecasts
• Market share estimates

Geographic Regions:
• EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa)
• Americas

• Analog Video Surveillance:
– Analog cameras, DVRs, Matrix Switchers.
• Network Video Surveillance:
– Network cameras, NVRs, Video Encoders, Video Management Software.
• Accessories