Perimeter Protection: Why Experience Matters

By ‘Turnstile’ Mike Stoll

I have been in the perimeter protection industry for almost two decades and continue to take great pride in manufacturing a superb turnstile product in Connecticut, that is 100% manufactured in the US. I’m passionate about keeping products manufactured in the US and improving security measures in the country.

It all started with a group of engineers who worked together in the 1980’s engineering products for other manufacturers. After a few discussions about collaborating, designing, and earning patents for turnstile products Aeroturn LLC was formed in the 1990’s and continues to raise the bar on quality to this day.

At that time, Aeroturn built more than 3,000 quality turnstiles as a contract manufacturer for customers/end users. We literally started with a clean sheet of paper and thousands of hours of development. Aeroturn finally incorporated in 2001 and then embarked on invention and testing – this has been my home ever since.

When it comes to quality perimeter protection products and engineering at its finest, Aeroturn is at the top of its game today. Aeroturn’s first rotary and linear turnstiles were installed in 2004 and it has built a high-profile customer list that includes the likes of The White House, Uniformed Division of the U.S. Secret Service, the U.S. Treasury Department, Harvard University Library System, and the renovation of the Baker Library, which was built in the 1800s.

To top it off, Aeroturn has never had a single lane replacement due to malfunction or obsolescence and has kept a 100-percent customer retention rate over the last 15 years. This company can write the book on quality!

We have spent about 35-40 percent of our time in the federal government space and about 25-percent each in the Class-A tenant space and biopharmaceuticals, while the remaining percentage is spent on school campuses and financial institutions.

With a heavy investment in engineering, the company continues to innovate new turnstile solutions like the new Portal Dual Barrier Man-Trap Turnstile, which was developed from end users requesting higher throughput, while maintaining the highest level of security for locations requiring extreme vetting of personnel.

What is most remarkable about our business is that in the past 15 years we’ve never had a single lane replacement. All our parts and labor are built in the United States and I like to see how we can continually improve upon the product, the product, and the quality every day.

I believe that success comes from being consistent in every aspect of a business and too many companies out there don’t deliver quality products to customers. I enjoy bringing disruptive technologies to the market that are out of the box and different then what everyone else offers.

Quality is an important element of any product or service and I enjoy bringing customers a turnstile product that they can count on over and over again. In our type of business, there is no time for ‘downtime’ and reliability is a key feature.

I look forward to sharing my experience and expertise on perimeter protection products and what security professionals should look for when selecting a turnstile solution to protect their facility.

About The Author
‘Turnstile Mike’ Michael Stoll
VP of Technical Sales & Marketing
Aeroturn LLC