Mask Detection

FelenaSoft’s Xeoma VMS Now With Mask Detection Analytic

FelenaSoft has announced the release of the latest version of its Xeoma VMS that now includes the new mask detection analytic. The mask detector feature of Xeoma video surveillance software monitors real-time camera feed for individuals wearing or not wearing facial masks. This intellectual feature –based on artificial intelligence and deep machine learning video analytics– is capable of detecting people in a camera’s field of view, finding their faces, and determining if they have an ‘medical mask’ on or not.

Facemask Mandates Now in 32-Plus States: How Access Control with Mask Detection Helps

Alcatraz has released a key mask detection feature that can help businesses in states across the country abide by mandated mask requirements while preserving physical security processes. As the country has experienced increasing COVID-19 cases, dozens of states —including California, New York, Texas, Illinois, and Pennsylvania— are now requiring the use of facemasks as businesses and individuals return to work and commerce. Mask mandates can dictate that individuals must wear masks in any public building, on transportation, and even outdoors.

ISS “Safe Return to Work” Solution Trifecta Addresses Organizations’ Most Challenging Issues

ISS offers a trifecta of solutions as part of its “Plan for a Safe Return to Work” initiative. Built to seamlessly operate on the ISS SecurOS platform, the solutions include: FaceX Facial Recognition for touchless access control credentialing and authentication; FaceX Temperature Detection to automatically measure individuals’ body surface temperature; and FaceX Mask Detection to automatically detect the presence or absence of face masks which are increasingly required for admission into various facilities.