Omnitron Systems

Omnitron Launches New Managed Multi-Gigabit / Multi-Rate 1G/2.5G/5G/10G Ethernet and PoE Switches

Omnitron Systems introduced its next generation of OmniConverter and RuggedNet Managed 10G Multi-Gigabit / Multi-Rate Ethernet and PoE Switches. Designed for applications that require high bandwidth and high power such as the latest Wi-Fi 6/6E Access Points, Small Cells, and IP surveillance cameras, the switches provide up to 10G high-speed fiber distance extension and up to 100W PoE per port.

Omnitron Launches New Ultra-Compact Gigabit PoE+ Injectors

Omnitron Systems announced the launch of a new ultra-compact PoE Injector called the OmniConverter® GPoE+/I. The OmniConverter® GPoE+/I are unmanaged gigabit Ethernet power injectors that extend link distances up to 200 meters and add Power-over-Ethernet over the UTP data cables, allowing for connections to remote PoE-powered devices such as Wi-Fi Access Points and IP Surveillance Cameras.

Omnitron Launches New Industrial 10Gig/100Watt Ethernet PoE Switches

Omnitron Systems introduced its next generation of RuggedNet Industrial 10Gigabit ruggedized Ethernet switch products with Power over Ethernet (PoE) up to 100W. Designed for Industrial and outdoor network applications powering Wi-Fi Access Points, Small Cells, IP surveillance cameras and a variety of industrial and transportation equipment,
the RuggedNet 10G devices are designed for resilience and redundancy.

Omnitron Launches PoE Extenders

Omnitron Systems introduced new OmniConverter® PoE Extenders. OmniConverter PoE Extenders enable the delivery of full-rate Ethernet data and Power over Ethernet (PoE) over standard twisted pair cabling, and break through the 100 meter standard Ethernet distance barrier. Utilizing Omnitron’s exclusive power-boosting technology, the extenders can be daisy-chained to deliver Ethernet data and IEEE standard POE power to multiple PoE Powered Devices at distances up to 800 meters.

Omnitron Launches High-Power PoE Fiber Switches

Omnitron Systems introduced the addition of high-power Power over Ethernet (HPoE) fiber switches to the industrial RuggedNet® and enterprise OmniConverter® product lines that enable fiber optic distance extension to HPoE powered devices. Both the RuggedNet and OmniConverter PoE fiber switches feature one or two fiber Gigabit ports, and four 10/100/1000 RJ-45 ports capable of delivering 15.4W PoE, 30W PoE+, and 60W HPoE. They are classified as Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) and provide full 60 Watts of HPoE power on all four RJ-45 ports. RuggedNet industrial PoE fiber switches are standards-compliant ruggedized network switches that are temperature hardened to -40º to 75ºC.