Steve Van Till

Brivo Reveals Top Security Trends for 2023: Convenience is King in Securing the Hybrid Workplaces of the Future

Brivo publishes the 2023 Top Security Trends Report which identifies user experience and convenience as rapidly emerging drivers behind the adoption of new physical security solutions. Brivo’s sixth annual trends report is based on responses from 677 security professionals across the world working in over two dozen sectors. They pointed to growing expectations for frictionless access into workplaces, as more Millennial and Gen Z cohorts enter the workplace, and a general rise in convenience as a major consideration in physical security.

Brivo Recognized As “Overall Data Management Platform of the Year” By PropTech Breakthrough

rivo announced it has been selected as “Overall Data Management Platform of the Year” in the annual PropTech Breakthrough Awards program conducted by PropTech Breakthrough, a leading independent market intelligence organization that evaluates and recognizes standout real estate technology companies, products, and services around the globe. In 2021, Brivo was awarded “Vacation Rental Platform of the Year” by PropTech Breakthrough. Brivo’s solutions in the real estate technology market equip customers with data and analytics that are digestible and action-oriented.

Brivo Top Security Trends in 2022: Hybrid Work Fuels Demand for Cloud-Based Access Control

Brivo recently entered into a definitive merger agreement with Crown PropTech Acquisitions (NYSE: CPTK), released the 2022 Top Security Trends Report which reveals that cloud-based access control and high-quality physical security data are paramount when it comes to unlocking a resilient hybrid work plan. The report, which is the Company’s fifth annual trends report, offers insights into the state of hybrid work and how security solutions will enable the digitization of the built world to make hybrid work efficient for both employers and employees.

Brivo Delivers Enterprise Security Solutions to Global Customers

Brivo announced that its comprehensive enterprise security solution, Brivo Access Enterprise Edition, is being used by some of the biggest companies in retail, home services, and data, including Afterpay and Angi. As businesses evaluate their physical security cloud technology, full security ecosystems that span access control, mobile management, mobile credentialing, video surveillance and identity and visitor management are becoming an operational imperative.

Brivo Partners with MRI Software, Expands Multifamily Access Control and Resident Management Solutions

Brivo announced its partnership with MRI Software, a leading provider of multifamily real estate technology solutions, for easier resident and staff management and upgraded resident, staff and visitor access experience. Multifamily property managers can now use Brivo’s access control capabilities integrated within the MRI solution to streamline day-to-day operations.

Brivo Launches Brivo Snapshot to Provide Facial Detection

Brivo launched Brivo Snapshot—a high-accuracy video analytics and forensic tool that uses machine learning to deliver advanced facial and person detection using a fusion of access control and video data streams. Brivo Snapshot speeds up the process of finding relevant images around access events by as much as 20X over conventional search technology in stand-alone video management systems. Customers no longer have to view entire video clips to research an event.

Brivo Launches Brivo Access to Deliver First-of-its-Kind Data Analytics Capabilities for Property and Facility Management

Brivo announces the launch of Brivo Access, a unified security platform delivering new digital transformation capabilities for organizations worldwide. Brivo Access sets a new standard for access control with the industry’s first integrated business intelligence (BI) tools and machine learning technologies to transform data into actionable insights. Brivo Access will improve the ability of the CISO/CSO to manage more comprehensive data sets and have a more holistic view of the business.

Brivo Launches Unified Reader/Controller with ACS100

Brivo announces the launch of the ACS100 all-in-one reader and controller. Designed to lower hardware costs and make installation easier and faster, the ACS100 is used with Brivo Mobile Pass, and secure physical credentials to deliver better affordability and broaden the application for access control at more doors. A key feature of the ACS100 is Fluid Access, which allows users to unlock doors without removing their mobile credentials from their pockets.

Brivo Launches Financing Program for Commercial and Multifamily Security Management Systems

As part of its commitment to providing accessible and innovative security solutions, Brivo launched its Financing Program. The Brivo Financing Program allows customers to implement access control, multifamily, or video surveillance projects with little to no upfront investment and consistent, predictable payments over time. Most organizations have access control systems that are three years or older but no plans to upgrade obsolete systems.