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D-Link Introduces New Resources / Tools for Customers and Resellers of IP Surveillance Solutions

D-Link announced it is making a suite of tools, resources, and evaluation units available to prospective customers and value added resellers (VARs) as part of a larger push from the company to further solidify itself as a leading IP Surveillance vendor of choice.

SecurityHive Is Here To Help You

Whether you’re a systems integrator looking for the right solution for the right situation or an individual needing to implement a best practice security solution for your organization, SecurityHive is here to help you. Our staff has years of experience in the video surveillance and physical security industry and we do not sell any products […]

Bitrate, Bandwidth, And Budget Primer

You want to install as many surveillance cameras as your budget will allow. But what part of the budget does the batch of surveillance cameras take and what part of the budget does the video storage take up for those surveillance cameras feeds? Although we’ve been unable to substantiate this claim, system integrators and consultants […]