Vistacom Tech Expo 2020 Goes Virtual Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Vistacom announced this week that its annual Tech Expo, which highlights the latest technology innovations from its audiovisual, control room and technology partners, will go virtual with a four-part webinar series designed to highlight the latest AV and technology innovations. Earlier this year, Vistacom canceled the in-person expo because of ongoing concerns with the spread of coronavirus, but has decided to offer the 2020 Vistacom Tech Expo as a virtual event.

Extending the Control Room: Why an Op Center Should Not be Limited to a Single Location

One thing that all emergencies require is a quick response. However, this isn’t always possible or easy when there are multiple decision-makers involved and when dedicated meeting space isn’t available to discuss potential courses of action. While a Security Operations Center serves as a centralized place for incoming alerts and incidents to be identified, assessed and responded to in a cohesive manner, there is also a need at times to extend the reach of a SOC past the four walls of a command center.

Merging Control Rooms With Artificial Intelligence: The Future Of Oversight

Today’s security systems are collecting data at exorbitant rates, continuously gathering information from hundreds —if not thousands— of sensors and funneling that information into a control room for analysis and response. Operators are tasked with sifting through the footage and material, working around the clock to recognize potential threats or anomalies. But there just aren’t enough human eyes available for organizations to dedicate to this overwhelming responsibility.

Vistacom Appoints Dan Gundry As Director Of Sales And Marketing

Vistacom announced that it has promoted Dan Gundry to serve as Director of Sales and Marketing. Gundry will be responsible for leading the sales and marketing teams with developing new business opportunities in existing and emerging markets, as well as collaborating closely with key clientele to deliver innovative solutions. Vistacom’s sustained growth, fueled by the demand for interactive audio, video, control room, and unified communications solutions, propelled the need for more cohesive strategies across the sales and marketing segments of the organization.

Pulling It All Together: Building An SOC

At the core of any organization’s security plan is where all the individual security elements come together. Some call this the security operations center (SOC), some call this a command center, but all of these have one thing in common: they serve as the nucleus of a security plan that brings multiple sensors, decision-making functions, and visual representations together into a single pane of glass view for operators and management. The most daunting task for a lot of these security leaders is actually bringing it all together.

Vistacom Enhances Sales Force With Appointment Of Northeast Control Room Sales Representative

Vistacom announced the addition of Martin O’Donnell as its new Control Room Territory Sales Representative in the Northeast. In this role, O’Donnell will spearhead, support and expand upon the sales efforts of Vistacom’s command-and-control technologies in target markets and regions. O’Donnell is an experienced business development professional with more than 25 years of client relations and sales experience. In his new role with Vistacom, he will focus on developing new business as well as adding valuable support in servicing the company’s expanding customer base.

Vistacom Enhances Video Wall Solution To Ensure Intelligent Security Operations

Vistacom announced the availability of the enhanced version of its Vistacom SecureView video wall solution. Vistacom SecureView 2.0 is an intelligent visual solution that enables organizations to view data from multiple services and solutions in a single operational picture. Today’s mission-critical environments require efficiency and intuitiveness to maintain an effective and intelligent security posture.