Vicon’s V1000 Series Multi-Sensor Cameras Provides Panoramic View Without Distortion

Vicon announces the launch of a new line of 180-degree ultra-high-definition multi-sensor cameras.

Designed for providing highly detailed coverage of expansive areas, such as airports, perimeter security and city surveillance, the new V1000 line is compatible with many industry leading VMS solutions, including Vicon’s Valerus and ViconNet, and does not require video dewarping by VMS software in order to display an undistorted panoramic image.

The V1000 models are fixed camera domes containing four separate camera modules that work together to deliver a seamless 180-degree view. Video can be monitored as a single horizontal image as well as separate quadrants.

Operators can set different exposure settings for each module. The 8 MP V1008-WIR-180 camera makes use of four 2 MP modules; modules for the 20 MP V1020-WIR-180 camera are 5 MP each.

The ability of multi-sensor panoramic cameras to replace the need for multiple cameras with a single device makes them a cost-effective tool for large-scale systems that provide surveillance of sprawling geographic areas.

Operators have the ability to zoom into an area of interest, in real time, while the camera continues to transmit video coverage of the entire scene for recording purposes. The cameras’ Video Content Analysis detects motion and tampering and can alert operators to their occurrence.

The V1000 line features both H.265 compression and Smart Encoding, providing the most efficient use of network bandwidth and storage capacity. An IR cut filter provides low light sensitivity and the IK10 and IP66 rated housing delivers vandal protection and weather resistance.

“Vicon’s end-to-end surveillance solutions have long been trusted by cities, airports, utilities and other authorities that have need for the highest quality surveillance of properties and perimeters. We are confident that these customers will find our new V1000 line to be a valuable addition to our company’s offerings,” said Bret McGowan, Senior V.P. of Sales and Marketing.

Vicon has been a leading provider of mission-critical security surveillance systems.