Video Security and Surveillance: Analog to Digital Evolution

Security IP Cameras Video surveillance technology is moving from analog CCTV to high-definition, networked digital video. The key to this evolution is the IP camera that analyzes the content in real-time and streams compressed video over a standard network. Leveraging Ambarella’s professional broadcasting technology and consumer silicon technology, designers get access to an unmatched combination of low power and pristine image quality for IP cameras and video encoders. The solutions detailed below describe our current product offerings in this space. A5s – 1080p30 Solution for IP Cameras S2 – 4K Ultra HD Solution for IP Cameras Ambarella A5s – 1080p30 Solution for IP Cameras The A5s IP CAMERA SOC integrates a 250 Megapixels/s image sensor pipeline, multi-streaming 1080p30 HD H.264/MJPEG video engine, and an ARM11 CPU. The A5s supports up to 14 MP resolution, 3D noise reduction, and H.264 encoding performance up to 1080p30 + VGA, targeting mainstream IP Cameras. Low-power 45 nm silicon technology and rich I/O minimize the eBOM and offer a wide choice of form factors. Download A5s – 1080p30 IP Camera Product Brief For more detailed technical information, including data sheets, please contact your local Ambarella representative or submit your inquiry here: General Inquiries back to top ↑ Ambarella S2 – 4K Ultra HD Solution for IP Cameras The S2 IP CAMERA SOC is Ambarella’s flagship IP Camera Solution. The Ambarella S2 IP Camera Processor integrates a professional 4K Ultra HD H.264 encoder, an advanced image sensor pipeline, a Dual Core […]