CHeKT Announces Integration With DICE Corporation

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CHeKT announced that it has formally completed its full integration with the DICE Corporation.

The Bridge, CHeKT’s flagship product, has the power to turn any alarm panel and cameras into a single video alarm system and an internet of things (IoT) solution-creating a visual alarm verification system for DICE central stations.

Installations can be completed by alarm technicians using only a smartphone within 30 minutes. CHeKT and DICE use additional XML integration to provide the monitoring station with the supervision of the location internet status, camera health, and CHeKT equipment at all times.

“CHeKT brings a new, simplistic approach to providing visual monitoring at the protected premises by the professional integrator. The CHeKT Bridge pairs alarm panel zones and IP cameras or HD over coax recorders to present event and live-view video to central station operators in seconds,” said John Milliron, CHeKT’s Vice President.

DICE is committed to providing central stations with access to evolving technologies and believes CHeKT’s platform helps monitoring centers handle the high rate of false alarms that have plagued the alarm industry and have eroded trust with business owners and first responders.

CHeKT’s technology enables operators to immediately see the cause of an alarm and provides a solution for dealers to utilize their existing alarm systems and cameras.

Efficiency is an important component of the CHeKT integration. The technology gives DICE customers a turnkey video monitoring solution while creating increased RMR opportunities for the dealer. Because the Bridge uses traditional alarm detection devices, it does not increase signal traffic into the central station.

Events triggered from an alarm panel are delivered into DICE, presenting an operator with the CHeKT video monitoring portal for visual verification of an alarm within three to five seconds.

The integration requires no additional equipment at the central station. DICE central station operators are provided with clear guidance on how to handle an alarm, saving time and ensuring operator consistency.

“Wow, this is awesome – you can tell that this came from a company who understands the alarm monitoring industry,” said Troy Astrope of ProTELEC Alarms.

CHeKT was started by a group of integrators in the alarm installation and monitoring business who saw the lack of scalable video monitoring solutions and the high cost of entry into the market.