biometric access control

Zwipe Wins American SESAMES Innovation In Identification Award

Zwipe announced that its new biometric card was named the winner of the first annual American SESAMES Award at the CARTES Secure Connexions Show Dinner held at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas. The American SESAMES Awards competition rewards the best technological innovations that span the entire identification sector of smart cards, digital security, identification, […]

UK Biometrics Company ievo Makes US Debut At ISC West

Biometric fingerprint readers from ievo are now available in the US and will be showcased at ISC West in Las Vegas from the 2-4 April. This is the first time ievo will be demonstrating their leading biometric technology at the show and signifies the beginning of their presence in North America. Based in the United […]

Morpho Launches Secure, Multifunction Biometric Tablet

(NEW YORK) — Joaquin Guzman, better known by the nickname "El Chapo," didn’t get to be one of the world’s most notorious and elusive drug lords without knowing a thing or two about how to cover his tracks. According to senior law enforcement officials, Guzman used some of the latest counter-surveillance gadgets to keep out of sight. Though El Chapo might have been able to be harder to find if he went completely off the grid, Todd Morris, the founder of Brickhouse Security, said that wasn’t a likely option. "You could go to the most extreme case and live a cave with messengers coming and going, but then what’s the point [of being a drug lord]?" he told ABC News. "Typically, the goal [of a drug dealer] is to maximize invisibility without minimizing the joy of the billions of dollars you have." Top-notch security means more than just a thorough pat-down for every visitor and a handful of security cameras looking over the premises. Here’s a couple of the gadgets that Guzman may have used to keep out of sight from the law: Spectrum Analyzer Chances are that Guzman wasn’t trusting a Wi-Fi password to keep his cyber activity hidden. "There’s no way you could make that secure, so more likely, all of his computers were Ethernet connected," Morris said, referring to the hard-wired connection to the Internet. But in the case that someone planted a bug to turn the computer into a surveillance device, Guzman could buy a […]

smplsolutions Deploys Fujitsu Biometric Access Control At UC Irvine

Fujitsu Frontech North America, along with smplsolutions, has announced the installation of Fujitsu’s PalmEntry access control system at the Kay Family Foundation Innovation Lab at UC Irvine’s Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences. “We are delighted that the Bren School has selected the PalmEntry physical access control system for their physical access control […]