Jumbi Edulbehram

Enhanced Video Coverage – Perfect Gift For The Holiday Season

During the holiday season, retailers enjoy increases in store traffic but for loss prevention (LP) managers increases in shoppers and temporary employees make this time of year more challenging. Through this influx of business (and beyond), the LP managers must deal with losses stemming from organized retail crime (ORC), employee theft, and shoplifting. Retail supply chains and online retailer distribution centers also come under greater pressure as more goods are being handled and shipped.

Maximizing Video Usage With Intelligent Traffic Management

Apart from its extensive use for physical security, there’s another application popping up for video data: intelligent traffic management (ITM). Being a critical component in the Smart City movement across the globe, ITM is aiding metropolitan areas in learning more about traffic patterns in order to make transportation more efficient and safe.

Going Beyond Security: Video In Today’s Classrooms

While video is critical to the security of K-12 schools and universities to help detect threats and investigate incidents, it is increasingly becoming a critical tool beyond protecting students, faculty, staff and assets. Going further than simply gathering footage, educational facilities are beginning to see the value in adding intelligent video software, such as analytics, to their arsenal. This results in an innovative approach to not only security, but also operations within a school.

Are AR/VR The Next Tech Evolution In Security?

As part of my first column in a monthly series for Security.World, I want to look at the emerging technologies coming down the pipeline within the security industry —and beyond— and answer the burning questions: Will this change how we protect people? Can we achieve more protection with less equipment? How can AI influence the industry? Will these changes be good or bad overall? Tune in as I explore a wide range of topics in the coming months. While most of us are now familiar with and may have even experienced the fun and excitement of virtual reality (VR), there’s a newer, similar technology with a less immersive experience that may soon start impacting our everyday lives: augmented reality (AR).

Oncam Accelerates Technology Innovation For Sustained Growth

As deployments of high-resolution, omnidirectional cameras have expanded, Oncam is at the forefront of developing cutting-edge video technology and incorporating next-level analytics software that uses video as a powerful management and informational tool. Marked revenue growth experienced by Oncam demonstrates the increased demand for 180- and 360-degree video solutions that deliver higher levels of situational awareness than traditional fixed cameras.

Oncam Grows

When you think about 180°, 360°, and ‘fisheye’ IP-cameras you may or may not know that Grandeye was the first to market with such a surveillance cameras starting back in 2004. In 2012, Oncam acquired Grandeye becoming Oncam Grandeye and their expertise in 180º and 360º IP-cameras has risen sharply over that time. Late last year, we were lucky to catch up with Jumbi Edulbehram, Regional President Americas for Oncam to discuss the growth of the company and what changes he has seen since he joined the company.

2016 Physical Security Market Influencer: Jumbi Edulbehram, Regional President Americas, Oncam

The Security.World community voted during the summer of 2016 and selected the Physical Security and Video Surveillance industry’s Top 12 Influencers. This Profile is one in the series of 12 of those individuals that are making a difference in our industry. Congratulations to Jumbi Edulbehram, Regional President Americas, Oncam. We reached out to Jumbi to get his views and insight on what is happening in the physical security and video surveillance market. Here are his thoughts…