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      Nail experts break down how to get this look on your own at home or at your next appointment. Blush Nails Are the Latest Nail Trend that Everyone Is Obsessed With. This popular K-beauty nail art is trending all over TikTok.

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      Audrey Noble is NYC-based contributing beauty commerce writer. She covers all things beauty, hair products, and makeup. Published on April 21, 2023 @ 02:35PM. Instagram @nails_of_la, @nailartbyqueenie/ Nailing Hollywood. There’s a lot to love about blush — after all, a natural flush on the cheeks can add a pop of color and give any look a romantic vibe. And with blush nails, it can do the same for your manicure. If you have yet to encounter them, blush nails don’t mean blush- pink nails. Rather, they’re a form of nail art, having emerged as a K-beauty nail style that now has over 56 million views on the hashtag alone on TikTok. A combination of milky whites and bright pinks, blush nails make for a mesmerizing look that you can pretty much wear anywhere. For reference, blush nails are very similar to aura nails,” says celebrity nail artist Brittney Boyce. “[They’re] practically the exact same thing, but lighter in color.” The blush shade in question (which can be pink, peach, or mauve, similar to actual blush) is what sets this style apart from aura nails. The placement matters, too, with the blush appearing in the center of the nail. Because of this, blush nails “look like your nails are blushing,” says Mazz Hanna, nail artist and CEO of Nailing Hollywood. Here, how you can get the look for yourself. How To Get Blush Nails at Home. Start with a milky base color to give your nail coverage, says Boyce, we recommend trying a shade like Sundays No. 43 or Essie Marshmallow. Without letting your base color dry, add your “blush.” Use a soft pink shade, such as the Aprés Gel Couleur in Rosewood, or deep magenta flush, like the brand’s Pucker Up, and use a sponge to gently dab it. You can also use an eyeshadow brush or opt for a dedicated blooming gel polish that causes color to disperse for a similar effect, Boyce says. Then, once it’s had a minute or two to set, finish with top coat. How To Ask For Blush Nails At Your Next Appointment. As with any viral nail trend, it’s best to work with a visual. “I always recommend showing a picture so that your manicurist knows exactly what you are looking to achieve,” says Hanna. “There is a lot of room for interpretation with nail art, especially blush nails.” That can ensure you don’t walk away with something totally different than what you were hoping for. Sharing a photo “helps to make sure that you are both on the same page,” Boyce says, adding that you should also make sure they’re comfortable creating this look at all. Searching for a good inspiration pic ahead of your next appointment? We’ve got you covered.

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