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      About the Game:
      Here’s some of the best and craziest hacks for the FF series. 15 Final Fantasy Hacks You Didn’t Know About. You’ve played Final Fantasy before, but you’ve never played them like this!


      Here’s some of the best and craziest hacks for the FF series. The Final Fantasy video game series has been around for 30 years, and it all started with the first game releasing in 1987 for the NES. In that period of time, there’s been a great number of mods and hacks that have been developed for a lot of Final Fantasy games. These aren’t anything new, but I was surprised to see how many existed for Final Fantasy I alone. Most of the hacks focused on the addition of more story content, or the ability to discover special items quicker in the game. Other mods for various Final Fantasy games include graphics changes, depending on how old the game is, or special boss fights. But during my research, I also found a lot of interesting hacks that make the playing experience both unique and strange. I’ve seen a mod that includes the addition of fighting Dragon Ball characters as final bosses. There’s also supposedly a My Little Pony game mod that follows a similar gameplay structure like Final Fantasy I but with, well, ponies. However, for this story, I wanted to focus on hacks that make the games even more intriguing than they already are. Although yes, I’ll discuss some of the more weird ones too. But not My Little Pony . I don’t want to talk about that in this piece. So without further ado, here’s 15 Final Fantasy hacks that you may, or may not, already know about. Let’s get into the weird, cool, and whimsical, kupo! THEGAMER VIDEO OF THE DAY. SCROLL TO CONTINUE WITH CONTENT. 15 Well. That Looks A Lot Better. via YouTube (Trash Talkin’) With Final Fantasy VII being as popular as it is, there’s a lot of mods for updating the graphics of the game. If you don’t enjoy the block-y, odd graphics of the original PlayStation game, there’s plenty of mods to choose from for a more visually appealing experience. Although, what’s the point in modding VII when the remake is on the horizon? But if you’re impatient and refuse to wait for better graphics, just search “ Final Fantasy VII graphics mod” for the option that works best for you. A lot of the mods are great, providing really clear graphics for players to enjoy. Yet again, the remake’s coming up. Be patient if you can and just wait for the remake that everyone’s been waiting for. 14 A New Game All On Its Own. via YouTube (odin4905) The name alone sounds very intimidating. But Dragoon X Omega II is also a hack of Final Fantasy I. It’s intended to be a sequel to Dragoon X Omega , which is a hack of another popular Square Enix game, Dragon Quest . Unlike its prequel, Dragoon X Omega II has a world map, enemies, and weapons that aren’t in a typical Final Fantasy game. Also, the hack only has one playable character, compared to Final Fantasy I ’s party of four. This hack has a lot of big differences, such as no inclusion of an airship and no access to the overworld map. Honestly, this was definitely the most impressive and detailed hack I found, and from what I’ve learned, a lot of detail went into it. 13 A Complete Overhaul. via YouTube (Gunarm Dyne) Even though I haven’t played Final Fantasy VI yet, I’m really happy that this mod is around for players to enjoy. Final Fantasy VI: The Eternal Crystals adds a lot of new content to the original game. This includes new events, dungeons, Espers, and even custom-composed music by the modder themselves. There’s even new characters, which gives gamers the opportunity to play as 15 different party members. One aspect of this mod that I find interesting is the amount of detail that went into fixes for spell and Esper names. Since some of the names were shortened in the original game, this has even been edited. This is probably my favorite mod because of all the small details that were considered, even as intricate as the font seen in the game. 12 The Goddess Of Lightning. This sounds terrifying, and it really is. This hack for Final Fantasy XIII allows players to literally become a god, with unlimited health and one hit kill opportunities. Again, I don’t see why gamers would want this as an option since I feel like it takes the whole purpose out of the game. But here it is. God Mode for Final Fantasy XIII does exist. Not only does this mod involve a crazy lot of health points and one shot death options, it also includes infinite gil, infinite components, and infinite items. Basically, it gives you the maximum amounts of anything you could ever want. That is, if you want it. Again, what’s the point in being this overpowered while playing the game? 11 Choosing A Different Direction In Life. In Final Fantasy XII , players have to choose a job, or class, for each party member. Once a decision is made, there’s no going back. But if you ever wanted to go back and allow class changes to happen, don’t worry! There’s a hack for that. Again, just search “ Final Fantasy XII Class Change hack” and you’ll find all the information you need to know. However, I feel like this takes the fun out of the gaming experience. As negative as this may sound, I feel like players should choose the best options and then just be stuck with them. It’s the gamer’s choice. But if this is something that interests you, just know that it exists and it’s relatively easy to use. 10 Fight Your Friend, Finally. via YouTube (halo1crysis) So I’m sure a lot of people were really confused as to who Zack Fair was when they first played Final Fantasy VII . Thank goodness there’s hacks for that. Someone created a mod that makes Zack an optional boss battle in the game. As a big VII fan, it’s really interesting to me that someone did this. I mean, obviously I’d play the heck out of it. Because I’m a sucker for tragic backstories and games where you have to fight your friends. The Zack boss fight does appear to be a battle that you should be very well prepared for, as it’s no walk in the park. But hey, if you ever wanted to see Cloud and Zack fight one another, here’s your opportunity. 9 M ario’s Going On A Fantasy Adventure. via YouTube (DarkAlucard Alejandro) Now this combination just makes my heart very happy. Talk about nostalgia. Mario’s Fantasy Adventure is a hack of Final Fantasy I , where the layout is exactly the same, but with, of course, Mario elements. Honestly though, it is kind of funny seeing Mario, Luigi and Peach fight against Garland. Surprisingly, that fight was really tense to watch. I would also rank this as one of my favorite mods because of the nostalgia it offers to those who grew up with both Final Fantasy I and the Mario series. Also, the world map theme for the mod is from Mario , so that makes this even better. So I definitely recommend looking into this hack just for the sake of nostalgia. 8 For The Lazy But Dedicated Gamer. via YouTube (xstraylightrunx) If you ever found playing Final Fantasy I to be too difficult, there’s a mod (EasyType) that makes the game easier. But don’t worry, it doesn’t make playing it boring at all. Instead, it just makes it so that players don’t have to grind like crazy, which pulls you away from the story. So in order to make gameplay easier, there’s been, of course, the addition of some god-tier items that are available to purchase right in the first town. There’s also a “free exp” monster located in two places within the game. And it’s exactly what it sounds like. If you need easy experience points to level up, there’s an option for you. I’m one of those people who likes to play games mainly for the story, so this is definitely a mod I’d look into. 7 Cell From Dragon Ball Z, Kupo!

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