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      In this article, I&#039,ll guide you through a 5-step process on how
      How to Make a Go-Kart Street Legal: A Comprehensive Guide. We all use public roadways as a medium to help us reach our destination. While we mainly see cars and motorcycles on the road, you spot the occasional Low-Speed Vehicle (LSV), Off-Highway Recreational Vehicle (OHRV) or Off-Road Vehicle (ORV).


      Public roadways are heavily regulated and you’re only allowed to drive street legal vehicles. It’s therefore uncommon to see any go-karts on the street, as they’re mostly designed to be driven on the race track or on off-road terrain. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t drive a go-kart on the street legally. In fact, you do spot the occasional off-road go-kart on public roadways. This is because some of these go-karts are suitable on streets and roadways and have gone through the proper procedures to be driven legally on the road. Go-karts can be made street legal in some states, if they meet all the necessary requirements. In this article, I’ll guide you through a 5-step process on how to make a go-kart street legal. Can You Make a Go-Kart Street Legal? The short answer is, yes! You certainly can make a go-kart street legal. However, you should know that by default, racing and off-road go-karts are not allowed on public roads because they lack the necessary requirements to be operated on the street safely. If you’re a go-kart enthusiast and your aim is to make your go-kart street legal, I’m happy to inform you that this is absolutely possible. Many people judge go-karts as being unsafe to be driven on public roadways. This mainly stems from the fact that they aren’t equipped with the required safety gear and also due to their high speeds. It’s a valid concern and public and personal safety should always be regarded with the utmost importance. This is also why your go-kart will need to comply with certain safety requirements, in order to make it street legal. Some states have varying roadway policies, go-kart laws and classifications that govern how go-karts qualify as an LSV, OHRV or ORV vehicle that can operate on the street. In general, your go-kart would need to meet the following requirements: It has passed the various safety standards It’s fitted with the required safety equipment It’s been registered with the DMV The top speed is limited to 25 mph It has exactly four wheels It doesn’t exceed the weight limit of 3,000 lbs It’s been speed tested and inspected It has a required vehicle insurance. In essence, if you would like to ride your go-kart on the street, you’ll need to ensure that it meets all these requirements. If you’re planning to do this, then this article is suitable for you. We will go through a comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to make go-karts street legal. Step 1: Ensure That Your Go-Karts Meets All Requirements. Before you’re able to register your go-kart, you’ll need to ensure that it’s in good condition and that it’s equipped with all the necessary parts. By doing so, you’re complying with your state or local go-kart laws and increase the chance of you being able to legally drive your go-kart on public roads. There are a number of items that you may need to install. However, don’t think of it as a burden but rather that these parts will keep you and other drivers on the road safe and out of danger. Below are the most essential parts that you should have installed on your go-kart before you proceed to register it. Please ensure to understand the local laws in your state so that you can pass the mandatory safety checks accordingly. Also be aware of what vehicle classification your go-kart qualifies as. Generally speaking, their mostly considered Low-Speed Vehicles (LSVs), Off-Highway Recreational Vehicles (OHVs/OHRVs) or Off-Road Vehicles (ORVs). Brakes : A go-kart would need to have properly functioning brakes, which are in good condition. Worn or faulty brakes would automatically disqualify its roadworthiness. At high speeds, brakes are extremely crucial because they can prevent a possible crash from happening. Mirrors : Mirrors are an essential feature that go-karts must be equipped with. Side view mirrors must be correctly installed, so that you’ll have a full view of the activity behind you. They also help in overtaking and being aware of your immediate surroundings. Windshield : A windshield acts as a safety barrier from wind and foreign objects while driving. Ensure that the windshield is of high quality and is clear. Also take note that not all states require you to install a windshield and it’s therefore best to check with your local authorities. Seat Belts : One of the most important safety features of any vehicle are seat belts. In case of a collision, safety belts keep you inside the vehicle so that you won’t get flung out. If your go-kart doesn’t have them, you’ll need to install them separately. Horn : You’re also required to have a horn equipped on your go-kart. A horn has the ability to stop a potential accident and acts as a warning signal to other drivers. Tires : Tires need to be DOT approved and be in good condition. DOT tires are usually larger than standard racing or off-road go-kart tires. In some cases you may be required to change them before scheduling the inspection. Lights/Reflectors : All types of lights and reflectors, which include headlights, signal lights, brake lights and safety reflectors must be installed and functioning as designed. They not only indicate signaling or braking, but also help to illuminate dark roadways at night. Fluids : Check all the necessary fluids if they are at a good level. It will ensure that your vehicle is in tiptop shape and that all components are working as intended. Speedometer : A speedometer is required as this will tell you your current speed. This is important, as you’ll need to abide by the speed restrictions on the road. Exhaust System : Most 2-stroke engines are relatively loud. A proper muffler and exhaust system helps to reduce the noise levels. Take note that some states may require you to have a catalytic converter. Step 2: Get Your Go-Kart Inspected: In most states, the process of making a go-kart street legal will require a full inspection by an appointed officer of the DMV. These inspections are an essential part of ensuring that your go-kart is in good condition and is equipped with all the necessary components to make it street legal. There is no way around a thorough inspection and the inspection officer will detail all the required parts and check if your go-kart is compliant with regulations. You should think of this positively, as he or she will ensure that you have all the necessary safety equipment installed for safe driving on public roads. The necessary requirements can differ from state to state and if the inspection officer notices any essential parts missing, you’ll have to take the vehicle back and install the missing parts accordingly, in order to pass the inspection test. I would therefore always recommend reading up on your state and city requirements first, before sending your go-kart for inspection. You can do this at your local DMV, by reading the requirements of Low-Speed, Off-Highway Recreational Vehicles or Off-Road Vehicles. Step 3: Pass the Speed Test. The next step in the process of making your go-kart street legal is a speed check. Before being able to officially register your go-kart, an officer needs to ensure that the vehicle is safe to drive on public roads. This is where the speed test comes in. Most states stipulate a maximum speed of 25 mph for all LSV and OHRV vehicles such as go-karts. Some states enforce that your vehicles must not be able to exceed these speeds.

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