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      About the Game:
      Spirit Island: Nature Incarnate. The next expansion of the award winning settler destruction game, Spirit Island: Nature Incarnate brings the fight to the Invaders with new spirits, mechanics, and more. of $40,000 (USD) goal.

      Free Spirit Island Hack Generator

      This is a Tabletop Games project. Nobody you follow has backed. Be the first one! 3 creators have backed this. Face the Spirits of Nature Incarnate. What Is Spirit Island? Since the release of the Spirit Island core game, we have also released three expansions: Branch & Claw , Jagged Earth , and Feather & Flame . Each added new gameplay mechanics, new adversaries, new fear and blight cards, and introduced aspects — new ways to play previously published spirits. What is Nature Incarnate? Incarna Spirits manifest in a variety of ways, from a massive titan that destroys everything in its path, to a mighty tree that defends the land and quiets all conflict around it, to a shadowy figure that slinks through the darkness and sends lone Invaders to the Void. Four Spirits in Nature Incarnate have their own unique Incarna token, bringing this new mechanic to life at your table. The other four Spirits operate in a more familiar fashion, but range in approach from carving swathes of overwhelming destruction, to the protection of hearth and home, to a Spirit who starts the game dying and must find their way to a new form. Nature Incarnate Product Overview. For more information on how this campaign is being run and on the Achievements system, check out this update. Note that Spirit Island: Nature Incarnate requires both the core game and the Jagged Earth expansion to play. Pledge Levels & Add-Ons. US Backers, be sure to check out your options at here. If you are a backer in the United States, you’ll still see this Add-On as an option, but during the post-campaign pledge manager process, when you put your address in, it won’t let you get the rewards associated with this Add-On. So, please do not select this Add-On if you are a US backer — just go to Target. Shipping & VAT. For backers in Zone B and Zone C: You may have customs charges on import that you will be responsible for paying – it depends on your local laws and regulations. Finally, unfortunately, there are a small number of countries to which it is impossible for us to ship. If your shipping address is in such a Forbidden Zone” country we will be forced to cancel and refund your pledge. We wish we could send games everywhere, but it’s not always possible. The current list of “Forbidden” countries is: Belarus, Brazil, Cuba, North Korea, Russia, Syria, Venezuela, Yemen, and Antarctica (which isn’t technically a country, but is certainly a place to which we cannot ship). We hope the list doesn’t grow any more, but if it does, we’ll update it here. Ultimately, our goal is to make great games and send them to whoever wants them. The shipping system we’re using with this campaign should be able to do that in the most fair, equitable, and cost-efficient manner for both you, our favorite backers, and us. If you don’t feel comfortable with this system but still want to get the game, it will hopefully be available at game stores after the campaign has been fully fulfilled. Thank you, again, for supporting our projects.

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