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    • Jay Bartlett

      Ahead of National Data Privacy Day, which is observed annually on 28th January. A poll carried out last year revealed a staggering 90% of people were “very concerned” about their internet privacy. Data privacy and the importance of safeguarding personal data, along with how companies are using blockchain technology to empower individuals to take control of their own data, are among the topics explored in the commentary.

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    • Raziel O

      DLT actually provides an enforceable legislation such as GDPR through technology. The immutability nature provides an audit trail that provides transparency for the owner of the data (PII). I think the biggest challenge is adoption. The challenge of making this technology accessible to “everyone”. There’s a balance between security and usability that needs to be solved. A non-for-profit foundation in Australia is making an elegant solution. Its early days but it’s step forward in the right direction.

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