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    • hatespee

      I’m looking for options for a small personal loan but can’t use a bank/credit union due to the fact that I don’t have current verifiable income.

      Someone suggested to me Upstart or Lending Club that offer personal loans (minimum on these two is $7k but I don’t need that much)

      Does anyone have any recommendations for online or other small personal loans given my situation?

      My credit score is poor (588), my income for the past two years on my tax return was 40k and 13k, I own my own vehicle and it’s paid off but the state I live in doesn’t allow title loans.

      Any help/insight appreciated. I know I have to get my shit together and loans aren’t a particularly smart decision given my circumstances but I’m in a jam and I really would appreciate some ideas or suggestions.

      As a random aside/rant why hasn’t anyone developed some sort of peer to peer lending/loan system or app? I’m guessing it’s a lot of red tape, risk or something. Just thinking of the times I’ve lent a friend money or borrowed money from a friend and the money gets paid back. It seems strange to me that people have to turn to businesses/shady loan practices/pawning when we could be borrowing from one another? Maybe make a small profit if you lend or just use some sort of fee to keep the app/system running. Ignorant, uninformed, idealistic rant over.

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