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      About the Game:
      No download. 100% safe! Clicker Heroes Save Game Editor.


      With this tool you can easily and safely get more gold and other things in Clicker Heroes. Just follow these steps and continue with the game with ease. We are on Reddit. Suggest new features and report bugs on Facebook (below) or on our subreddit. Do you like this editor? 94 % of the 124131 user ratings for this editor are positive. Features/Hacks”/”Cheats” Add gold to your game Add gilded heroes Exchange gilded heroes (enter a negative number for a gild level you want to exchange and a positive one for a hero you would like to have gilded below) Add hero souls Reset all your cooldowns at once Reset your primal bosses Reset the gilded heroes your primal bosses will give Increase your critical hit chance Increase your critical hit multiplier Unlock all your ancients at once without gambling your souls away Add free respecs of Ancient Hero Souls Permanently active buff-skills. Let’s get started. First click on the upper right button: Now click on the “Save”-button: (You can ignore the text document it will try to save on your computer, the savegame has been copied to your clipboard as well.) Click “Next” to continue to the next step. Now paste the contents of your clipboard here and click next. Add gold (only digits, no “,”): How many gilded levels do you want to add per hero (empty for unchanged, negative for removal). Reset all cooldowns? Reset lvl 100+ bosses giving gilded (if your lvl 100 boss ever gave you a gilded, it will never happen again, this checkbox resets that) Reset lvl 100+ bosses being primal (bosses in a world are only primal once, this resets them so your previous levels are primal again) Unlock all ancients (and skip the gambling) Again: empty = no change: % x Activate infinite Clickstorm Activate infinite Powersurge Activate infinite Lucky Strikes Activate infinite Metal Detector Activate infinite Golden Clicks Activate infinite Super Clicks. Achievements. This feature is experimental and might recalculate your stats incorrectly. Please report bugs on Facebook or Reddit. Select the achievements you would like to add to your save game. Green = add to save game Red = remove from save game Nothing = do not change. Your new save game: Copy the text that just appeared in the above box. Go back to Clicker Heroes and click the “Import”-button. Paste the text you just copied. Press Import on the middle of the screen.

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