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      5 exercises to practice for a JavaScript web developer interview. A resource with 47 exercises to practice whatever your level is, With exercises from well-known universities. Free exercises covering the basics to the more advanced aspect of JS like the DOM async function, and more. If you loved this article and you would like to obtain extra data about web page ( kindly visit the web site. Whatever your JavaScript skills are, here’s are some JavaScript coding exercises you can do at your own pace. With time, many frameworks have been developed to improve the functionalities and development of JS. The most popular ones are React (and Next.js its sub-framework), Vue (and Nuxt.js its sub-framework), and Angular. Q1 Write a function called displayName() that takes an object as an argument and prints the person’s first and last name. And also, use template strings when printing the first and last name. Create a simple JavaScript game that allows the user to click on different elements on the page to score points with JavaScript to handle the game logic. In this part of the JavaScript language tutorial we will delve into functions and talk about callback functions. In this section of the JavaScript tutorial we will develop fun and creative games in order to better learn some programming concepts. JavaScript language is an object-oriented and event-oriented scripting language.

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