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      About the Game:
      For the capeless superheroes fighting… How to Block Hackers from Your Phone. Hackers are out there, looking for the smallest chink in your armour that will enable them to sneak in the backdoor and steal your personal information or spy on your activities.

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      For the capeless superheroes fighting cybercrime, it can seem like an impossible task to keep up with the new ways that criminals are attempting to hack into their victims’ devices. As a result, while the authorities are playing catch up with the cybercriminals, it is up to ordinary citizens to remain vigilant and block hackers as best they can. The question is, what can you do to stop them? Here are our 10 tips to keep the hackers out: 1. Update your phone and apps. Despite the multitude of new tricks that criminals are using to hack into your phone, there are some tried and tested methods that are fairly reliable, such as taking advantage of outdated or unpatched operating systems. Manufacturers and app developers regularly release new updates to help protect against new security threats and vulnerabilities. By regularly updating your phone software and apps, you can protect your device against incoming attacks. In some cases an update may block a hacker that already has access to your device, if their malware relies on out-of-date software or a jailbreak. 2. Enable 2-factor authentication for all your online accounts (Especially iCloud or Google) A lot of people configure their phones to make things quicker and more convenient. For example, many people choose to back their files up on the cloud because it saves on physical storage. While this might be a great feature to have in case your phone is broken or lost, it also means there is a duplicate copy of your device out there that could be hacked. Using two-factor authentication, which is often built into cloud services, helps to protect your device from being hacked or data being stolen. As a rule, you should always use two-factor authentication to access your online accounts. This means that even if a hacker manages to crack your password, your account will still be safe and your backed up data secure. 3. Download a good security app. Award-winning mobile security. Block hackers for good with Certo’s industry-leading security apps for iPhone and Android.

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