Lexus of Lakeway depends on Arteco VEMS software to deter fraud, theft

Unlike most auto dealerships that people are accustomed to, Lexus of Lakeway doesn’t have rows upon rows of cars parked in what seems like an unending landscape of asphalt. The community of Lakeway has very exacting standards when it comes to the architectural features of the surrounding businesses and the dealership was no different. As part of an effort to be aesthetically pleasing to the town and its residents, Lexus of Lakeway was built vertically and features multiple levels complete with rooftop parking, resembling something more akin to a resort than a contemporary dealership. The cars that are visible on the ground are spread among the hills and surrounding property so as to keep the facility from appearing like a cluttered car lot.

Smartest All Terrain Video Surveillance Vehicle Uses BASH

Made by Dotworkz, BASH (Ballistic Anti-Shock Housing) is an amphibious, extreme off-road, and all-environment-ready camera protection. It is designed to work flawlessly with all mini-dome, HD, megapixel, micro PTZ, action, and specialty cameras. BASH™ is the first of its kind providing the ultimate mobilized security protection for your camera. BASH was designed to withstand anything that this world can throw at it, literally. BASH’s strength comes from it’s High Impact Lenses and with the optional Armored Reflective Lens you can both hide and protect the equipment inside. It has a unique 12 point floating stabilization system called Shell-Shock Vibration Suppression.

Grant To Fund Surveillance Cameras On Most Maryland Resort Buses

With the help of a major federal grant, all of the municipal buses in Ocean City, Maryland’s fleet could be outfitted with surveillance cameras inside and out. At Tuesday’s Transportation Committee meeting, Public Works Director Hal Adkins told members the Maryland Transit Authority (MTA) was considering including a $500,000 investment in a state-of-the-art video and audio surveillance camera system on all of the buses and vehicles in Ocean City’s fleet as part of the agency’s fiscal year 2017 allocation to the resort. Adkins said the offer “came out of left field” and the discussions were only cursory at this time, but the MTA was encouraging Ocean City to accept the offer.

UDP VPN and Multicast – A Better Way to Stream

Many government and commercial organizations want to be able to easily stream video from a single point to many receivers over the public Internet. For instance, a large traffic accident on a freeway may have video from traffic cameras, video from news helicopters, and video from patrol cars all coming back to a central command site. Incident commanders at that central site want to send these video sources back out to all first responders, over the Internet, to their smart phones, in-vehicle computers, and tablet devices.

Visually Verified Traffic Information

A recently established technology partnership with Videalert adds to Wavestore’s open platform video management software. The firms say that the interoperability between Wavestore’s software and Videalert’s Intelligent Digital Traffic Management platform offers local authorities and police a tool to collaborate and share video surveillance, whilst achieving a faster return on investment.

New March Networks RideSafe Introduces Fully Integrated Mobile and Wayside Video Management

March Networks, a global provider of intelligent IP video solutions, is pleased to announce its new RideSafe solution for bus, para-transit, and passenger rail. A true enterprise-class video surveillance offering, March Networks RideSafe provides transportation agencies with comprehensive oversight across their entire operation including on transit vehicles, and in stations, depots, and park-and-rides.

TrakLok International Enhances Cargo Security Platform

TrakLok® International LLC, a cargo security firm specializing in trailer and container security, announced that it has upgraded its Application Programing Interface (API) to allow a seamless integration with security integration and call monitoring companies. The company has also added new security features to its GeoLok and TrakLog cargo security platform.

New Mexican Highway Equipped With Latest European ITS

Two new sections of the Mexico City – Tuxpan highway that have just been opened, are equipped with the latest intelligent transportation systems (ITS) and tunnel safety and management equipment. The new 83km (52 miles) sections between Necaxa and Tihuatlán will decrease travel time between the Mexican capital and major tourist destinations on the Gulf of Mexico.

DART Bus Drivers Say Cameras Tag Them, but Crimes Ignored

Dallas Area Rapid Transit’s use of surveillance cameras to monitor bus drivers’ behavior is drawing criticism from employees who say they’re being penalized for minor infractions while criminal activity caught on video is going ignored. During a 12-month period that ended in July, DART supervisors coached drivers on behavior caught on camera an average of 678 times a month.

QR Codes and Side View Cameras Will Boost School Bus Safety

These new improvements are meant to make this form of transportation safer and easier to inspect. The Forest Hills Transportation Center (Grand Rapids, MI) has announced that it is adding two new technology components to its school buses in the form of QR codes and side view cameras, to help to boost safety for the children, the bus drivers, and other road users. These quick response codes will help to keep people informed as to the condition of the school bus.

Various Instances of Terror Attacks Increasing Need for Maritime Security

The recent spike in pirate activity on major shipping routes has made it necessary for the maritime security market to extensively exploit weaknesses to counter threats. The costs associated with the efforts to mitigate such threats reduce the competitiveness of those affected along with the port, making counter-terror security an essential part of their operations. The security controls both the waterside and landside access of ports.

Safe Cities: How Network Video Is Revolutionising Transport Safety And Efficiency

Decades ago, the transportation sector was one of the earliest adopters of CCTV surveillance – understandable given security’s crucial role in encouraging people to use public services. Transport authorities must keep their systems running with as few interruptions as possible, so they must know what’s happening at all times – whether at stations, on board […]

CaughtOnCamera: Dashcam Shows Parking Lot Crash Scam

A Hamilton (Canada) area man’s dashcam may have saved him a pricey car insurance payout – and maybe even from falling victim to an insurance scam, an industry expert says. While he can’t know for sure, Craig Schneider says he feels like he narrowly avoided being taken advantage of and now wants people to know […]

NYC MTA Considers Security Cameras On Trains

New York City Police Commissioner Bill Bratton envisions a day when officers can monitor subway cars armed only with a tablet. “One of my officers could actually be standing on a platform waiting for that train to come in,” he told the New York Daily News, “monitoring the cameras on that subway car to see […]

Ford And Intel Use Facial Recognition To Improve In-Car Tech, Safety

In order to expand the capabilities of in-car tech, Ford is working with Intel to bring facial recognition to the dashboard. The joint research project, called Project Mobil, will allow engineers to see how inward-facing cameras can be integrated into a car’s existing systems to provide useful features. Ford Motor Company already believes the technology […]

Redflex Traffic Systems: Speed Enforcement And LPR/ANPR Systems

Redflex is a leading supplier of digital traffic enforcement systems and solutions, including red light, automatic number plate recognition (ANPR/LPR), and average speed, in addition to fixed and mobile speed enforcement. The company offers a range of detection technologies, from dual radar and mapping radar technology to digital loop and piezoelectric sensors to provide detection […]

Axis Unveils Intelligent Transportation Systems With IP Video Technology

With summer vacations and their inevitable traffic jams soon to be on the minds of many, Axis Communications announced how Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) with IP video technology are playing an increasingly important role in helping state and local governments reduce congestion, improve safety, and make roadways more efficient. Not only does ITS help create […]

Chicago Transit Authority Using Cameras And Lawsuits To Fight Vandalism

The Chicago Transit Authority is stepping up its battle against vandalism. The city’s public transportation system said it has expanded its network of security cameras at train stations and on train cars. And most importantly, it is using the information obtained from that expanded security network to arrest those responsible for vandalizing CTA property. Also […]

Hawaii: Traffic Camera Blackouts Again

Are copper thieves to blame again?   Hitting the same location from less than two months ago. The city believes the culprits are vandals looking for copper. It’s a problem that just won’t go away, and this time 35 cameras on Oahu have gone dark. The barbed wire fence, warning signs and a combination lock didn’t stop vandals from getting to fiber optic cables under the Middle Street viaduct for a second time. The city’s transportation chief, Mike Formby, says he knows what the vandals are looking for. "Clearly there’s no copper, and after they cut the wire they determine there’s no copper and they leave everything," said Formby.   Vandals this time left the cut cable neatly wound. "It’s a very odd finding. Normally when you come across a scene like this you wouldn’t expect to find the fiber optic cable coiled and taped," said Formby. At about 2 a.m. Christmas Day, vandals cut into a conduit, then cut a fiber optic cable. The cut cable, cut the connection to 35 cameras affecting views from Middle Street to Ewa and from Kaneohe. That means workers in the city’s traffic management center can’t see what’s going on, and won’t know what changes to make to traffic signals to ease the flow of cars.   "We can’t remotely control the cameras and regulate traffic," said Formby. Back in November when the cables were vandalized in the same area it took a week to get the traffic cameras up and running […]